Saturday, 16 February 2013


There are some feedback yang kate makan pil Thanyaporn ni boleh buat badan naik. Honestly to say, kite menjadi GEMUK sebab salah diri kite sendiri. Blame it on your lifestyle. Your pemakanan. Your mindset. Stop blaming on products, stop bla
ming on your DNA, your genetics, your parents, nenek atuk. Orang yang selalu blame external factor rarely makes differences because they don't work from the internal.

I've been consuming Thanyaporn pills and I takde experience kenaikan badan (except for few places meant to be round :P) In fact I take the decision to take care of my food intake and regular exercise now that my age is heading towards 30's and you know that's the time when our hormones starting declining. It's all about your choice in life. What do you want? And how to work on it so that it works out. And the right attitude along (:

Here's a review yang I rase sopan dan bermanfaat. Takde iklan sendat ketat dan rapat.

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