Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Some Words From The Artist

What does Rococo represents?

1. Early 18th century art movement mainly in France. Derived from the word 'rocaille' literally     meaning ornate forms of shells used for decorations. Significance (in this context) is that the artworks are considered as frivolous, tasteless, gaudy and without substantial content. It is a reaction against Baroque pomp and grandeur. A time in France where the upper crust society is dedicated to the seeking of pleasure. The content of the work is based on the concept of profane love and freedom of the human nature. Mythological subject matters are often used to illustrate this.

2. The word 'Coco' belongs to a handsome guy in Middle East. My friend had a crush on him (:

3. A new fashion label that offers designs and styling for woman. We sells shawls, hijab and other pretty pretty stuffs such as perfumes etc. Also we provides tips and tricks on beauty and such.

4. A place to share many beautiful things together (: I'm a sentimental at heart..

5. All of the above, with a bits of Rococo art movement inspirations.

Heavily influenced with arts, fashion and make up. Both playful and naughty, light and dark, sexy and decent, there are barely no barrier for us when it comes to Rococo. Every ideas was a muse that comes from heaven and we're just a medium to make beautiful things. As the artist, designers and stylist, we can't wait to share with you what we have to offer. We'll looking forward for more to come and having good times with you dear Rococos. Till then, more up dates coming soon and we would like to thank for your patience. 

Lots of love.


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